Samata Sahakari Bank Ltd. was founded in the year 1983 by our founder Late Shri Amarnath Singh.

The Bank is governed by Board of Directors and Shri.Sunil N.Singh is the Chairman of the Bank.

The Bank was founded to motivate the people for developing small savings habits, to help the small business people and also to encourage self-employment.

The bank has grown to 4 Branches and more branches expected to be opened in the near future.

The bank upgraded itself with the computerization and provides across the counter services and has extended working hours.

News & Announcements

A Co-operative Bank with a Difference !

Celebrating 34th Successfull Year!

Rupay debit Card :-
Balance enquiries,Cash withdrawal ,Mini statment and Pin change available

Anywhere Banking

All deposites insured with DICGC

Foreign Exchange transition through authorised dealer (Principle Bank)

Dear Customers, Please note that we at Samata Bank or our bank personnel will never ask for your ATM PIN,CVV Number & OTP. Never share your confidential information with anyone

Dear Customer, The Government of India will implement the Goods and Service Tax (GST) w.e.f. 01/07/2017. The existing Service Tax of 15% (levied on applicable banking charges) shall be replaced by a GST rate of 18%

Dear Members, Kindly update your latest address in Bank record regards Managing Director

Introducing Very shortly Mobile Banking -Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) through mobile phones.

DEAF: Deposit education and Awareness Fund

We Are Already on Core Banking System (CBS)

Click Here To Know the CBS Benefits...