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NPCI - Is the trade mark symbol of National Payment Corporation of India.

Rupay - Is the trade mark symbol of NPCI for their Credit & Debit cards.

NACH - Product implemented by NPCI.

RTGS,NEFT are products promoted by RBI for the banking sector.

Samata Logo - Is the trademark symbol of Samata Sahakari Bank Ltd.

SIL - Saraswat Info Tech Limited (our CBS Vendor).

The Logos and Symbols appearing on our web site on the NPCI offer pages are trade mark symbols of the respective companies and provided to us by NPCI for the Rupay card promotions.

The other symbols ,images , pictures appearing on the site are either developed by us or available on public domain.

samatabank.com, samatabank.net are registered domain names of Samata Sahakari Bank Ltd.

Email address @samatabank.com is registered email address of Samata Sahakari Bank Ltd.

Product, Scheme Names are the Generic names used in the Banking and Financial sectors.

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