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Customer Education

Do not provide confidential information over the phone. A bank will never ask you for private information like One Time Password, card/account information or text (SMS) messages.

Do not trust phone numbers, even if the number displayed is that of your bank, as it could be a scam, where a fraudster falsifies the number he/she is calling from in order to make the call appear as genuine.

When you receive a call, ask questions and get as many details as possible.

When in doubt, inform the caller that you will call back on the number. This will help you validate the genuineness of the call.

Do not respond to any suspicious looking e-mail, automated calls or text messages.

Do not share your personal information on social sites or media. Be discreet when you tweet.

Ensure that you update your contact details with the Bank to get timely alerts.

Never / Ever share OTP received through mobile service or through Email with any body.

Never / ever use sensitive web sites on Cyber cafes and public wi-fi hotspots.

Never / ever share your mobile or wi-fi devices for others access.

Users are requested to take necessary precautions to handle the mobile instruments, wifi settings, hot spot setting, anti virus installation, user ID, Pass word, Cache management to prevent unauthorized access.

Never respond to unsolicited offers of money received through e-mails/phone/other media.

There is No Free Money.

Be careful while investing in seemingly attractive schemes offering high abnormal returns.

Do not deposit / invest in unknown or unregulated or unregistered companies/entities Insist on more details and donot go ahead with any financial transaction if you are in doubt.

Do not rely on hearsay – Check facts for yourself or contact our staff.

Check the risk level and your loss absorbing capacity. High return means higher risk including potential loss of entire money.

Take care of your money – It is hard to earn but easy to lose and It takes years to earn but takes seconds to lose.

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